My Time Keeper


January 2017


Mobile Application


App Store Link

Technology Used

C#, Xamarin Forms, SQLite

About this project

My Time Keeper is an application I developed to get familiar with Xamarin Forms and the MVVM design pattern.The application is written in C# and has a SQLite local database.

This is a simple time tracking app that allows for multiple custom timers.

The idea was to be able to for example,start the app at the beginning of your shift and keep track of how many hours you have worked in a pay period or launch the application before going for a run,create a custom running timer and keep track of how long you have ran for.

Create as many custom timers as you need and keep track of your time spent on different activities.The app has a rich interface that enables for easy searching of activities within a specific time frame.

The application is available on the iOS app store.