My Glucose Pal


April 2017


Web/Mobile Application


App Store Link

Technology Used

C#, Xamarin Forms, WebAPI, MSSQL

About this project

My Glucose Pal is a mobile application I built to give diabetics an easier time managing the record keeping of daily blood sugar readings.

The application uses the Microsoft Identity framework to handle users account creation and authorization.

Each user has to create an account that allows them to post their blood sugar readings.Users with multiple devices can log in from any device and have access to all of their reading history.

Both the mobile application and the backend API are built in C#.I used Xamarin Forms for the mobile client and WebAPI for the backend.

The mobile client has a local SQLite database that stores client side authentication tokens and the backend WebAPI is connected to a MSSQL database.

The application has been posted to both the Google PlayStore and the Apple App Store.