June 2017


Web/Mobile Application

Technology Used

C#, Xamarin, Angular 2, MSSQL, WebAPI

About this project

Seasnz is a mobile application I built as part of a team.The idea behind Seasnz is essentially to be the "Uber of yard work".Any time homeowners need a service like lawn mowing,pool cleaning,snow shoveling,hedge trimming and so on,they would log in to the app and request for the particular service.

While a service request is being created,the application will then using your GPS coordinates,match you with the nearest service provider in your area.The bulk of the Seasnz service providers are students looking for extra work.

Once a request is created,it is made available to the nearest active service provider.The provider then receives notifications alerting them of the request.If the provider does not accept the request within one hour,the request is sent to the next closest active provider.If after 24 hours no provider has accepted the request,the service request is then deactivated and the homeowner would have to request service again.

To become a Seasnz service provider,you would need to register and be approved by a Seasnz admin team.Only then will you be able to get service requests.

Both homeowners and service providers use the mobile application to create and accept a service request.

Currently Seasnz is available for both iOS and Android.

The backend for Seasnz is built with WebAPI talking to a MSSQL database.The client application is a C# Xamarin Forms application.The admin console is an Angular application that talks to the same backend REST API the mobile client is using.