Natural By Design


Dec 2015


Web Application

Technology Used


About this project

The Natural By Design (NBD) system is a project I worked on with three other developers. This project was my introduction to Visual Studio Team Foundations. The software was developed to be used as a cost tracking system for NBD, a landscaping company.

The goal of the project was to create a software that would automate all the tedious day-to-day tasks. NBD's previous system was all paper and spreadsheet based, the application we developed completely replaced this system.

Using the entity framework, we delivered a database driven application that was used from initial client creation to finalizing the production plans and tracking of labour hours.

The application has a log in system that displays content based off your role in the company. All major CRUD options were reserved for admins in the system as per client specification.

Working in a team, I learned a lot. Weekly meetings and peer code reviews greatly added to my skillset which introduced a new way of thinking to accomplish given programming tasks.